About cork and our products


The cork oak (Quercus suber) grows in wide regions of the Mediterranean and especially in Portugal, where there are more than 736 thousand hectares of cork oak forests.

This amazing tree has a long life (about 200 years on average) thanks to its unique ability to regenerate - an unparalleled ability in nature.

The bark of the cork oak can be peeled, resulting in a natural, versatile material with various applications, while the tree in the forest begins a new, 9-year regeneration cycle until the next peeling process. 

Cork is an extremely lightweight, water-repellent material with high sound and thermal insulator properties and, above all, recyclable and biodegradable. 

Due to its unique properties cork has a very wide variety of possible uses apart from the traditional wine and champagne bottle stoppers. 


Like many other designers we have brought cork into the fashion industry and present you a collection of handmade products from 100 % cork: from elegant handbags and light travel items to fashionable accessories and modern home items.  

If you want to advocate for a greener, more ecological world:








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